Tuesday, September 1, 2009

One year anniversary

It's been a year since I launched the Scribbles! In this year, I posted 82 entries - one per 4.5 days in average. I think this sounds quite OK given the fact that I worked 56.3 hours
in average per week all year...

Out of the 82 posts, 48 are related to architecture or design. (That's inevitable and I am glad that I am still interested in the profession.) After that, art and science seem to have a good balance. (They say architecture is both art and science, right?) Poor books only earned 3 entries. (I still read. It's just hard to write about them. Partly because I only have time to read bit by bit - excitement from reading becomes more stretched and less intense.)

I love stats. Here's an attempt to find out the relationship between posting and work load. Strange enough, work schedule doesn't seem to affect the pattern of posting that much, except for two occasions when big competition deadline hits. The other extreme is posting also stopped during vacation. January is a hard-to-find example that fits my assumption, where low work load resulted in
a more steady and frequent posting pattern...

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Ryan said...

Happy Anniversary!