Monday, January 4, 2010

Drawing with light

The title sounds familiar? Well, we are not talking about phenomena here. This is literal about light painting, or "light graffiti" - a thread of street art that uses light as media, photographed with slow shutter speed.

Michael Bosanko, Cardiff, UK
Under the Pier
Green Dragon
Light City 2

Lichtfaktor, Cologne, Germany
Starwars vs. Startrek
Energie in Motion
Blue Peter
Lange Nacht der Forschung
Beko All-Star

Lightmark (Cenci Goepel and Jens Warnecke), Hamburg, Germany

Eric Staller, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Synergy II

Eran Hakim, Istanbul, Turkey
Green Day

rafoto, ?

shubat, Brooklyn NY, USA
Creature of the Light
Light Creature of McCarren

The technique actually started a long time ago. During his first visit in Vallauris (1949), Gjon Mili captured Picasso drawing a centaur in thin air with a flashlight at Madoura Pottery. It was when Picasso's creative thrust kicked in after Mili showed him some of his photographs of light patterns formed by a skater’s leaps. Picasso reacted instantly with excitement, and started tracing through the air one intriguing shape after another. This "instant Picasso" is so intangible - vanishing right after born. Unlike clay, wood, metal, or paint, drawing with light requires decisive instinct and unimpeded expression of the artist’s inner vision.

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