Tuesday, November 29, 2011

When people get old

(Based on true events...)

Rem: I'm done with cities. Let's talk about countryside. It takes up more surfaces of the earth, houses the other half of our population, consumes less energy, and generates less pollution.

Jacques: I used to like Hitchcock because it looks normal but there's always something special. Now I prefer Dali. It's right in your face!

Peter: I don't think architects have social responsibilities. We don't solve problems.

Frank: I like a lot of young people, such as Zaha. Starchitect? LEED? What the fuck are you talking about?

Zaha: Architecture is such a tough profession. Let's go shopping.

Norman: I only do interviews.

Philip: I am a whore.

Corb: Fuck it. Let's do Ronchamp!

(The other) Frank: The Guggenheim should be different from Fallingwater, right? Maybe pink?

Mies: Hmm... Let's do another box.


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