Tuesday, April 24, 2012

The iron words

Finally watched The Iron Lady. Meryl Streep was absolutely amazing. On top of that, I found the movie full of wise words. Here are some quotes I’d like to share.

Young Margaret Thatcher: For those that can do, they must just get up and do. And if something is wrong, they shouldn’t just whine about it. They should get in there and do something about it. Change things.

Denis Thatcher (referring to home videos of some memorable moments in the past): You can rewind it, but you can’t change it.

Margaret Thatcher the Education Secretary: If the Right Honorable Gentleman could perhaps attend more closely to what I am saying, rather than how I am saying it, he may receive a valuable education in spite of himself!

Margaret Thatcher (when giving her daughter a driving lesson): One must be brave if one is to take the wheel.

Margaret Thatcher (after visiting the US): They are unafraid of success. We in Great Britain and in Europe are formed mostly by our history. They, on the other hand, are formed by their philosophy. Not by what has been, but by what can be. Oh, we have a great deal that we can learn from them.

Airey Neave: If you want to change this party, lead it. If you want to change the country, lead it.

St. Francis of Assisi (quoted by Margaret Thatcher upon arrival at Number 10 Downing Street): Where there is discord, may we bring harmony. Where there is error, may we bring truth. Where there is doubt, may we bring faith. And where there is despair, may we bring hope.

Margaret Thatcher: People don’t think any more. They feel... Do you know one of the great problems of our age is that we are governed by people who care more about feelings than they do about thoughts and ideas? Now thoughts and ideas, that interests me.

Alfred Roberts (quoted by Margaret Thatcher): Watch your thoughts for they become words. Watch your words for they become actions. Watch your actions for they become habits. Watch your habits for they become your character. And watch your character, for it becomes your destiny! What we think, we become.

Margaret Thatcher: Yes, the medicine is harsh, but the patient requires it in order to live. Should we withhold the medicine? No. We are not wrong.

Margaret Thatcher: We will stand on principle or we will not stand at all.



sg said...

i loved it so much. those phrases echo in my head all the time.

Anonymous said...

The comment is from Lao Tse, 604BCE