Friday, September 5, 2008

Can it be worse?

MVRDV won a competition for the urban master plan creating a new urban neighborhood at the shore of Tirana Lake, in the south of the city of Tirana, the Albanian capital.

This is from MVRDV's concept text:
"The cantilevered and leaning buildings allow for a great variety of apartment types, shopping and offices and ‘echo’ the Tirana typology. The stacked and twisted volumes create spectacular public spaces and provide dramatic vistas. Clad in local stones the buildings turn into a series of ‘rocks’, the ‘Tirana Rocks’."

1. Great variety of apartment types, including the bad ones that are compromised in order to fit in the sloping envelope;
2. Can you hear an echo with no sound source? Perhaps I am retarded... can't really find the "typology" anywhere in the surroundings.
3. The "left-over" spaces inside this mess could be spectacular... but I guess the gaps create no better vistas than Windows.
4. Will the "rocks" be real monolithic without any windows for the apartments? Or they are carved by erosion and become a bunch of pretentious egos?

Oh dear... Since when architecture becomes all nonsensical?


Nikole said...

Where are the Ningbo Birds?!?

Human said...

I guess Emran didn't work for MVRDV...