Monday, September 15, 2008

Son of Empire State and Chrysler plus one other

Bizarrely, thirty years after Empire State and Chrysler made out (watch video), OMA finally unveiled their child (his name is Tom). A view towards some green space is scarce in Manhattan. If somebody is in your way (especially your big brother), you have to lean sideways and peep. That gesture surely gives the impression of a pervert, but in fact he isn't. That's just how he was born. His parents believe in Darwinism and know how the market w
orks in New York - an upright person can't survive any more.

Yet there comes another one. This time by H&dM. The consensus is: uprightness in Manhattan is doomed. But the strategy is different. He (his name is Axl) decided to shake his head as hard as possible until the parts are all off. As opposed to a collective leaning and peeping, this one chose to let each individual part go in a different direction and have its own little piece of green. Individualism is fully embraced in capitalism as well. But I think, unlike Tom, in whom you can still see the genes of his parents, Axl looks rather foreign...

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