Friday, October 10, 2008

Touch screen beauty contest

With Verizon announcing it's Blackberry Storm, all four major candidates are ready. (Photos are more or less in the same scale.)
Apple iPhone / AT&T
Samsung Instinct / Sprint
Blackberry Storm / Verizon
Google Android G1 / T-Mobile

And the winner is... you know what I'll say. Look at the order of the post, although I'll call it a tie for the last two...
(Sorry, this is purely a beauty contest. No talent portion - too much work...)


Anonymous said...

Although I think the Storm should be in the second place.... seems like you ordered them after how much they look like the Iphone ( which is clearly understandable)

Human said...

I have to admit that i am indeed biased, hahaha!
The Storm may move up after the talent portion, since the screen is kind of spongy (backed by springs)... adding a tactile dimension to it when you type.