Friday, October 3, 2008

Weight / Weightlessness

Went to Steven Holl's lecture at Columbia last night. He talked about weight and weightlessness.

Weight Weightlessness
Certainty              Doubt
Solidity Mystery
Substance Essence
Mass      Value
Material     Idea
Actuality Implication
Denotation        Connotation
Be Suggest

He said he's been in search of the second category in his entire career.

Here are some interesting facts he mentioned to prove the importance of the weightlessness:
- In the helium atom, for example, almost all the weight (the nucleus) concentrates in 1/100,000 of the volume. So when it comes to matters, even solid is made of emptiness.
- Meaning is invisible.
- When one dies, he weighs the same. That means soul and knowledge and spirit etc are actually weightless.

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