Wednesday, February 11, 2009

TVCC2 - Architecture must burn?

In Yukio Mishima's novel The Temple of the Golden Pavilion (Kinkaku-ji), the disturbed acolyte Mizoguchi burnt down the Golden Pavilion at the end. What he destroyed was far more than a physical structure. For Mizoguchi, it's a symbol of beauty, and desire. It embodies all the love, shame, disappointment, and anger in his life.

In the last couple of years several well-known buildings caught on fire, partially or completely damaged. Buildings always mean more to architects, just like parents understand better the value of life... Let's take a moment of silence and mourn the loss of tremendous physical and emotional devotions, the loss of beauty, and the loss of all the wonders they had created.

TVCC, Feb 9, 2009

Berlin Philharmonic, May 20, 2008

TU Delft Architecture Faculty (Bouwkunde), May 13, 2008

Linked Hybrid, May 1, 2008

Villa NM, Feb 6, 2008

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beibei said...

wow, i didn't know so many famouse buildings on fire...