Thursday, April 28, 2011

Report Milano 4 - Cute Objects

In additional to the classic and the cool, the cute has an important place at the Salone in Milan. Two distinct characteristics: organic shapes and bright colors - I see so many of those. It seems the Jocker's motto has become general belief among designers: "Why so serious?"

Alma Design's NONO' stool and Julie chair
Adriani & Rossi
These chairs by Esedra are actually quite comfortable.
Tonin Casa
Plopp Family by Oskar Zieta

MINI presents its new concept models of MINI Scooter at the Triennale Museum. It meets the needs of the young urban generation's flexible and spontaneous life style. (There's even an expresso holder!) It's electric and can be recharged at any conventional power outlet. And above all, it's just so cute.

In Zona Isola, Chiedi alla Polvere organizes a show featuring the Amsterdam-based studio Stallinga. The cutest is this audiovisual object called "TunnelVision": a bright red central core branching out into four video-audio equipments at the ends.

As the Godfather of Cuteness, Karim Rashid is really everywhere. You can see him at multiple stands at the fair itself, including Talenti, B-Line, and Bitossi Ceramiche.

At the Triennale Museum, Area Magazine joins force with Gruppo 24 Ore to put up a solo retrospective called "Karim Sampler - An Edit for the Last 15 Years." First thing you see is a larger-than-life-size portrait, then a timeline, then the main space full of colorful "blobjects." There are three projections on the wall: object photos, sketches, and in the middle (of course!) a selection of Karim photos - flipping from childhood to the signature pink suit to a white suit on the red carpet. I can't help but wondering: is ego a key ingredient in the recipe for fame?

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