Saturday, July 11, 2009

Sausage and stuffed animal

There are two approaches of designing from outside in. I call them sausage and stuffed animal.

Sausage: We can certainly make the casing first. Any kind of meat can fit in this simple shape, even veggies! Who says a pig cannot be in a tube?
Stuffed animal: Cotton is great - it doesn't feel odd to be in any kind of shape. You have all the freedom to be creative about the form.

Sausage: The art of filling in an a priori generic shell.
Stuffed animal: The art of sculpting for generic contents.

Sausage: Too much meat? Just squeeze, or make it longer - but it has to be round in section and shouldn't look too fat.
Stuffed animal: The ears have to be that exact shape and size otherwise it's out of proportion. Just get some more cotton.

Unfortunately, the content of architecture is not ground meat nor cotton. Very often it requires a certain size or implies an optimal proportion...


andrewbags said...
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kyle said...

i had a mosquito stuffed animal as a child. i don't really dig them... i guess i like sausages better. but i'd prefer a banana. anyways, i still think the metaphor needs work... and i still like the idea of a stuffed animal filled with ground up meat paste, architecturally speaking of course. what if you filled a windex bottle with meat paste and sprayed it? i think that's the equivalent of the current storefront show, no? i guess it would be a new home depot 12v power sprayer spraying meat paste though. yeah, that's it.