Monday, July 6, 2009

Transgenic camel in the courtyard

First of all, I have to admit, MOS's PS1 Afterparty is quite photogenic. When I saw it in reality, I didn't quite hate it as much as before. After all, Michael is a talented guy. But the "grand premise" of "rethinking architect in a time of crisis" still haunts me.

FORM: A bunch of cones, wow! Smokestacks that echo the industrial history of Long Island City, wow! Bedouin tents and Roman arches, wow! But it just looks like a giant toy! I couldn't stop thinking about a wrongly cloned camel with soft legs trying to crawl across the courtyard...

MATERIAL: Hairy! Sexy! Sick! I actually like the funky look of the brown palm fibers, but I am not sure if it fits in this situation. This is so thick and hot (however you wanna interpret this word)! I guess rich women still want to wear fur in the summer - to show some understanding of an after party during the recession.

PROGRAM: None. Spare me from the charming list of the WarmUp schedule. That's not from the architecture. Since the form is a "shelter," urban or not, it's just a hovering canopy. Of course you can drink and dance under it, but there no interaction with the structure, except for some generic cubes that provide seating. Looking back to all the final entries in the last decade (there's a nice exhibition in the museum for the YAP 10th Anniversary), I found that allowing people to play with it was once a key element of the installation...

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